The book features two teenagers in 1897 England, Colleen and Samuel Quaice. Colleen is a headstrong girl of 14 years, while her brother Sam is a more down-to-earth young man of 17. Colleen spends much of her time in the Upper Wolverhampton Library, where she has devoured every book on mythology, monsters, and adventure. One of those books is about to devour her.

She stops in the library to find the exciting new vampire novel from the unknown author Bram Stoker. As Colleen brings her book back to the darkest recesses of the library, she comes across another book, called The Maze of Games. Her brother Sam interrupts her, causing the book to summon a mysterious skeletal mastermind named the Gatekeeper. Unconcerned with the children's protest, the Gatekeeper whisks them away to a dangerous maze, and challenges them to solve its puzzles or die trying.

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